What I Want for Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly…

Or, you know, ask for stuff from your parents/Santa Claus and spend a ridic amount on everyone you know.  Just in case they bought you something, because no one wants to be the person who gets a gift and doesn’t have something ready to give in return.

Anyway, if money were no object, I would ask for:

1. A puppy.  I don’t actually care what breed at all, but this is my dream world, so I’m going to say an Old English Sheep Dog, or an Australian Shepherd, or a Chocolate Lab.

Ah! So cute...

Photo Credit: Daily Puppy (Which is standing in for a real puppy until my dreams come true…)

2. A sweet ride. Fast, cool, fast.  You know, just your basic starter car.  Failing this I will take a CRV; please also pay for the insurance because I’m broke.  Kthnx.

3. A new wardrobe. Again, I’m broke.  Just set me up a tab at Holt Renfrew and I’ll be good to go.  Or else just hand me an unlimited Visa and I’ll be out of your hair!

4. Unlimited flights home.  Because I would like to see the frozen tundra (AKA Northwestern Ontario) more than twice a year.  For longer than 2 weeks at a time.  And preferably in the summer when I can swim and frolic in the water.

5. A new laptop.  Probably this one.  I’m always so jealous of everyone at school with their fancy, non-dying laptops. Le sigh.

6. A fab inner-city townhouse.  Best of both worlds: not too big, but there’s a yard for my puppy.  And a garage for my sweet ride.  And you KNOW there’s a whole room with just shoes in it.

How about you?  If you could receive anything for Christmas this year, what would you ask for?


2 thoughts on “What I Want for Christmas

  1. Alyson says:

    Oh boy do I wish our christmas dreams could come true!
    I want to be able to spend my last semester at UBC so I can live with Adrian. And still get my degree in April…
    I also want to get into UBC’s med school. Sigh… Such big and impossible wishes.
    I want a ton of money to spend on my hair. I’ve never splurged on my hair. I want to go blonde! But that would be so expensive to maintain.
    It would also be sweet if I had more than $30 in the bank.. Aha frick.
    And a shopping spree at Banana Republic.

    ps. your blog is great Sarah! :)

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