Ah, Monday

So Firefox just totally killed my post. I had everything all written out, lots of lovely links, aaaand… blam.  Fail.


Ugh.  Anyway, I’m just going to leave you with a few of my favourites for now, and have a happy Monday!


Best Health and Fitness Tips.  Because we all need a little motivation some days.

Blueberry Muffins!  One of the best things in life; bonus because these are whole grain.  Score!

I love this idea.  Looking fabulous for a whole week?  Yes please!

She is amazing.  I especially love her theory on “segmented worm syndrome“; anyone who layers will understand.

How to Be a Morning Person.  Because I am not, and will never really be one.  But I’m getting better with age.

In relation to not running... How to Make an Exercise Schedule.  Ah, probably should get on that one. Also, How to Motivate Yourself is always required reading.  Can you tell I love WikiHow?

Contrary to my musings on exercise… Home-made Tater Tots.  Mmmm…

This makes me glad I’m not a student in the US… horrifying what you have to do to get educated.

Hello, dream kitchen.  These pictures just make me relax.  And also make me want to make delicious food and swear off exercise forever.

Ohhh, Facebook


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