Best things about today:

The Flames DIDN’T lose last night.  Thank you, Iginla, you occasional powerhouse.  I personally hope that you don’t get traded; you make me like hockey.

I had a wonderful breakfast two days in a row!  <3 breakfast.

I finally caved and bought a new pair of jeans.  I really wanted to wait a few months (and pounds) before doing this, but they were on sale, and I really can’t wear skinny jeans every. single. day.  So thank GOD for new pants, because I don’t feel like a whale and that’s a nice change :)

Lipton’s Chicken Noodle Soup.  Because it reminds me of being little, and it’s semi-icky out (not cold, just overcast, and I wish it was sunny… scratch that, there’s a menacing cloud outside.  Ick.)

It’s an alpaca.  In a hospital.  So amazing. Things like that make me very happy.

I have enough mushy bananas kicking around to make banana bread tomorrow.  So tasty. Especially when you dump the chocolate chips in!

Spending my afternoon cuddled up in bed, reading!


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