On the first day of Christmas…

We just decorated the tree.  We have the Christmas tunes totally blasting and my step-sister is knocking back the ‘nog.  Yes, ladies and gents, it is the Christmas season and I am back in the frozen north.  And it feels GOOOOOOD.

My family has this little thing where they meet for coffee a couple mornings a week to catch up.  Mostly it’s just my Gramma and her brother, John, and whoever else feels like showing up that day; sometimes my dad, other days my aunt will come, it just depends on everyone’s schedules.  Anyway, whenever I’m home (which feels like pretty much never!) I like to go and catch up with everyone.  And let me tell you… they are characters, each and every one of them.  I am addicted to my family; they are honestly hilarious sometimes.  Today, my Gramma and her brother were talking about how they used to get 25 cents a week in allowance.  With that quarter they would see two movies and get popcorn… haha, such a typically old person thing to talk about but I just love hearing stories like that.

Today, I promise to take lots of pictures of my hometown while I’m here!  Because it is always so pretty over Christmas (it just snowed more this morning!) :)  Specifically, I will take pictures of the living room, because it looks like an elf exploded in here, and the cemetary on Christmas Eve… it is simply spectacular.



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