I *heart* lazy days

Because you lovely folks get lots of lovely links.  Enjoy them!

Layering: especially important if you live in a cold climate (like me!) and would like to keep your appendages for the forseeable future.  Fingers and toes are important. [note: I do not endorse a fur vest, faux or no.  You look like a yeti.  Stop, please.]

I can’t belive 2010 is almost over.  Sigh. Listening to blues music while I write this isn’t helping me feel any less melancholy about this, but at least we can recap this year’s top trends!  Lists like this make the end of the year so, so enjoyable for quintessential Virgos like me.

I am still giggling.  This is just fan-freaking-tastic.

I have been wearing this cardigan non-stop for a few weeks now. Except mine is black and doesn’t look as cropped as she has hers… I purposely bough it a bit big because I plan on wearing it open/over things and I hate when cardis are too tight.  I’m not sure if you share my love of sparkle with casual, but it makes me feel fancy/comfy… which is the best.

I don’t think I could pull this off.  Only six items of clothing for a month?!  Are you crazy?!  I have way too many favourites for this to work for me.  Plus I would just cheat and wear lulus 95% of the time like I do in real life anyway.

Ryan Reynolds is back on the market.  Some people are sad about this… I am dancing for freaking joy.  He is easily the most delicious Canadian on the scene right now and she was a no-good hag who didn’t deserve him (I am mostly kidding.  I’m sure she’s a lovely person; he is just way to sexy to be chained down).  Clearly I am bordering on psychotic behaviour but honestly… he is the man of the year for a reason. [Just read another story… Seriously, how is everyone sad about this?  He is so painfully hot.  The boyfriend was also excited by this because he is in love with ScarJo.  See?  Win-win for the whole of humanity. Get over it, they weren’t that cute anyway.]

Um, duh.  It’s hard to be happy when you’re hungry and cold, folks.




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