Sixteen and Pregnant?

I LOVE this show.  Love it.  Every single time those poor girls give birth and they hold their child for the first time?  I cry like a little girl.  They always look terrified (understandable) but they also just look so happy.

But for as much as I enjoy watching those parts, those girls make me feel sad sometimes.  Their relationships with their baby daddies are, more often than not, very seriously flawed.  Their boyfriends usually ignore them, or treat them like crap, or are just really inconsistant.  It just boggles my mind that these girls would willingly stay with men that do them no good whatsoever.  What scares me is that they allow these men to be a part of their childrens’ lives.  If things are this bad now… what are they going to be like when that child can understand what is happening?

It is startelingly easy to get pregnant.  It is JUST as simple not to. There is a myriad of birth control choices, from oral contraceptives, to barrier methods, to hormonal implants.  Or, you know, waiting until you’re ready to have sex.


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