The Road to Running: Part 1

I finally went to the gym this week.  And ohh my lanta did I go nuts.  I was on the elliptical for half an hour.  Then the recumbent bike for 20.  And then I did some squats on a Bosu; yes, I can still walk today.  Barely.

So here’s some research I’ve done.  I’m trying to psych myself up to face that treadmill again sometime.  Maybe tomorrow morning?

A good place to start: 101 Greatest Running Tips

I’ve always loved Glamour.  And I love these seven facts they’ve compiled for me!

Since it’s the middle of bloody winter… here’s some tips for treadmill running.  Because that’s all I’ll be doing until at least April.

And because the treadmill gets pretty boring after a while… well, here you go.

I get frustrated very easily.  I don’t like failure.  If you’re like me, this might help you.

And as always…. music is so, so important.  Here’s some of the best tunes for running.


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