Body Image + Resolutions

Before I launch into my resolutions, I feel like I should give some back story.

I’m lukewarm about my body right now.  I don’t fully hate it; there are some things I actually quite like.  For example, as inconvenient as my tatas are sometimes, they’re pretty sweet.  I swear that they must have their own gravitational forcefield or something.  And everything above the shoulders is fine just the way it is!  But my tummy?  Ick.  It’s anything but flat, but it’s not even round or a shape that I could deal with.  It’s just a spare tire, and that’s not really cute.  I used to have killer legs, but the thighs are a bit more jiggly than I would like them to be.  So, overall, I can deal with things the way they are.  But why should I?

Those things that really bug me wouldn’t take much to fix, I know that.  As a matter of fact, hitting the gym semi-regularly will probably make me feel pretty hot (and probably make the tatas more manageable while we’re at it). So on that note…

Here’s my resolutions for 2011!

1. Be more active.  I’m thinking 3 times a week at the gym should be sufficient in this department, but a little more or less won’t kill me.  I just think that I’ve gone long enough feeling lukewarm.  It is time to be HOT.  Like all the boys staring and the boyfriend having to beat them off with clubs.

2. Eat better.  I already eat pretty well.  I’m a really big fan of fruits and veggies, and it’s rare to see me with white carbs if I can avoid it. That being said, I’m a big fan of cheese and pasta (and I’m lactose intolerant, so cheese shouldn’t be within ten feet of me) and sometimes I don’t eat very balanced meals.  So this year, I’m going to work towards making my own meals at home and making sure there’s something colourful (and not golden brown from frying) on my plate at least twice a day.

3. Take more pictures!  I feel like I don’t have any photographic evidence of anything from the past year.  And that’s ridiculous!  I will be more brazen about busting out the camera and just starting to shoot.

Thumbs up for more pictures.  Also, pirate winking.

There’s a few other projects I’m going to try to undertake, but I don’t want to go as far as to make them resolutions.  Besides, if I tell you all about them now, what else will I write about all year?

What are your resolutions?


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