This week in review:

I went to the gym.  And I liked it!  I even rented a gym locker!  And now my virgo tendencies are kicking in and I want to make a list of every conceivable thing that I might need in this locker between now and April.  This list includes normal, usable things, like a towel and shampoo, and some not so standard items, like my rock climbing harness and shoes.

I actually do rock climb, by the way, and it is FANTASTIC.  Absolutely terrifying because I’m very much afraid of heights, but it is hands down one of the best total body workouts I know of.  I’ve never gone outside with it though, because I really like knowing that other people have used the same route and not died.  You can’t guarantee safety outside, what with things like moss and rain making the rock face less than ideal.

Sorry, I’m rambling.  I’ve had two cups of coffee already this morning, and I generally don’t have any.  Oops.  At least my typing is very quick! (Fairly certain I’m going to start shaking very soon here; don’t worry, I’ll be fine)

Back to business.  School starts again on Monday (first time in eight months, eek!) and I’m excited/nervous.  I’ve only got one course outline out of the five classes I have, so readings apparently won’t be happening this weekend.  But that means that I have loads of time to troll the internets and bring to you my favourite things from this week!  So here they are:

I love reckless usage of expletives.  FUCK YOU 2010

I also love beautiful old houses.  And shoes.  This post has pictures of both! I considered only linking you to pictures of shoes.  But then I figured that not everyone is as Imelda Marcos as I am.  Sigh.

Oh, the little black dress.  You should have one!  And if you do, you should learn to make it look fab.

I can’t remember if I’ve talked about this one. I’m sorry if I have, but I think that trying not to wear jeans for a whole month sounds like it would be a great thing to try.

This made my dad laugh.  And let me tell you, Papa Ratch isn’t one to laugh at cute animals very often.

How to be a 20-something.  Because, you know, I’m a 20-something.

And because I’m not only a 20-something, but specifically 21 years old… I wish I had figured some of these out on my own.  Side note on the meeting the parents bit:  meeting the GRANDparents is exponentially more terrifying.

Just in case you ever wondered… How to Tell if a Turtle is Male or Female.

And on that note… happy weekend!

PS: family dinner adventures.  Awesome.


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