Success! (And Also, What the HELL Was I Thinking?!)

First things first…

I RAN! Like, on a treadmill, without dying or faceplanting into the wall behind me.  And can I tell you something?  I actually enjoyed myself.  It was so very, very strange.

So why did I finally force myself to befriend my arch nemesis?  Well you see, dear friends, I think I’ve lost my mind.  Because I did a silly thing the other day, and I signed myself up for the Underwear Affair here in Calgary on June 4.  Did I do the logical thing for a non-runner and sign myself up for the 5km walk? Oh hell no.  I signed up for the 10km run.  Because I’m a moron, a sadist, and I’m getting really really tired of hating running.

Here’s some of my reasoning behind this choice:

1. This is a run that benefits a charity.  And since I obviously fail at making myself run for the sake of running, I might as well do it for ball cancer, right? (or any other cancers below the waist, as that’s what this particular race is all about!  That and crazy costumes)

2. Go BIG or go home.  I know I probably should have set myself an easier, more achievable goal.  But seriously, I need a big push to make this happen.  10km is far enough to terrify me into training; I could probably have convinced myself to wing it for 5, but at 10km there is no way I’m walking into this one unprepared.  Eek!

3. This is yet another excuse to go find new pretty workout clothes.  Any suggestions here? I’m hoping for something more budget friendly than Lulu (although it will always be the love of my life, don’t worry.  Those pants are a godsend!)


Any words of encouragements are greatly appreciated!  My personal goal for this experience is to raise $500 for the Alberta Cancer Foundation; let me know if you would like to contribute. Also, if you would just like to stand along the route somewhere with a giant encouraging sign, I would appreciate that as well!

I’m hoping to look less like this… (image via

And more like….


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