Please, be kind!

I’ve been reading a lot of articles lately about the effects of beating yourself up.  While what these articles say seems like common sense to me, some people (including most women I know) just don’t seem to understand that the harsh words they have for themselves are truly detrimental.  If you wouldn’t let someone else call you fat, ugly, stupid, etc… why would you let yourself?!


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not innocent of this.  I have certainly been less than kind to myself and my body in the past.  Even recently, I’ve looked at myself with disgust, thinking that I’m not worth much and that I don’t measure up to those around me.  But you know what?  That needs to stop.  NOW.  It’s very difficult for others to see how amazing you are when you can’t see it yourself.  It’s even more difficult to love others when you can’t love you.  Seriously… who wants to listen to someone talk incessantly about how big their thighs are, or how dumb they are because they get a less than perfect mark on a test?  I personally have a hard time respecting someone who can’t be bothered to look past their own imperfections to see that they’re a perfectly good person as they stand in front of me.  I also have a hard time listening to someone who has that much hatred for themselves; it hurts me too.

In the name of all things good in the world, start loving yourselves, please.  At first, you might have to fake it; I did! But you know, after a while, you start to see that your body and mind are capable of amazing things, whether or not you have flat abs or straight As.


(For more information, check out March’s issue of Glamour, or this New York Times article)


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