Challenge – Reinvent your style!

I have a deep, deep love of fashion, despite what I may look like on any given day.  Today, for example, I had on a lumberjack plaid shirt and leggings (almost as pants.  I know, fashion sin!).  I really wanted to make this blog one where I post pictures daily of my outfits, but that’s a bit too challenging when you lose your camera at the bar trying to get a look at Snooki.

I digress…

When I read this article at College Fashion, I was inspired.  I loooooove organizing, and I love clothes, so really, this is the perfect project! It’s almost summer time and I’ve been itching for  a fashion change for quite some time, so I think this might be on the docket for next month.  I’ll take stock of what I’ve got, address any gaps, and find a new look that complements what I have but breaks me out of my rut!


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