Running Fail

I tried to run this morning.  Well, I pretended to try.   I made it like 4 blocks and just didn’t give a crap about whether or not I continued, so I came home and wrote out this “I’m really sick of running” workout.  I thought I would make it intense since I’m obviously not putting in enough effort to my fitness these days.  I used this slideshow from Shape as inspiration…  It reminded me a lot of the bootcamp I did in November.  At the time, I hated it, but that’s the hardest I’ve ever worked for an hour at a time, so replicating that at home can’t be all bad, right?

So I wrote that first paragraph before going outside to do all this.  This is what I was going for:

25/side pistol squat; 50 burpees; 50 pushups; 3 minutes planks on palms, not elbows; 3 minutes wall sits; 25 ninja tucks; 50 supermans; 25/side seated single leg lift; 25/side mountain climbers; 50 sumo squats

And then there’s what I ACTUALLY did:

25/side pistol squat (this was hard! I didn’t go very deep, but I can tell this is one that does work!); 20 burpees (we have never gotten along.  These are mother f’ing difficult, and they make my heart rate spike uncomfortably.  I will continue to work on cranking up the reps on this one!); 40 sumo squats (holy inner thighs batman. Feel the burn!); 25/side seated single leg lifts (too easy.  No, I’m not kidding, I was pushing these out like nothing); 30 supermans (I held each about 5 seconds, which was a lot of work.  Also, I was doing these in the living room and it hurt my lower half a bit… does that make sense?)

I’m a bit disappointed with myself.  I have no interest in working out today, even though I have all day and it shouldn’t be this tough to get motivated.  Regardless, I guess it’s just good that I gave it a shot? Anyway, I plan on going to yoga in the morning, so that should make up for any lack of motivation today!  I work with the instructor and he’s warned me that he will not be going easy on me…


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