About Twitter and other, less exciting things

So I use Twitter (sort of.  Mostly to read things posted by Glamour and look at pictures of Chelsea Handler’s dog).  So it always surprises me that people will follow me.  Not that I don’t feel special when I get an email or a mention, but I seriously wonder, am I actually interesting enough to follow?  What do I do on a regular basis?  The answer to that is not very much… I occasionally run, I usually watch tv, and on very special days I bake things and make Polyvore sets.  I’m not super exciting (certainly not as thrilling as Chunk Handler!)

Thank you all the same for your follows.  You’re an even bigger ego boost than watching 16 and Pregnant and realizing that I’m almost 22 and still child-free. :)

Anyway, to liven things up, here’s a few of the best things I’ve read lately:

Have you been over to Stuff Jewish Girls Like yet?  If not, please go.  I have a small girl crush on her.  In large part because she goes out in public wihtout showering, even taking pictures and explaining ways of disguising your unwashed hair.  We are greasy-haired soulmates (when the need to not spend an hour fixing my hair trumps the need to not be greasy).

I feel like most people can relate to this.

So remember how everyone is always saying that you should be drinking more water?  I love my water straight up, but if you don’t, maybe give some of these a shot and see if you can’t make it to 8 glasses a day.

So You Wanna: teacher of many strange, obscure and occasionally helpful things.  I have wasted countless hours learning how to do things that are in no way applicable to my life (and a few more hours on things that will probably come in handy one day)

Hey, this applies to me!  And if you were also born in ’89, it applies to you too!

I am a peanut butter fiend.  So when the Kitchn compiled 10 ways to start my day with peanut butter… oh baby.  Also, give these a try.  I’ve been taking them to work lately (I can’t eat at 6am, it makes me nauseous) and it’s been super satisfying!

Bring on summer.  I’ve been lucky enough to be hanging out in the backyard inflatable pool lately (not that it’s been very warm) and have the honour of receiving the first pool cat call.  Running works!

Feel free to forward me anything you think is worth reading!


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