Chelsea Handler did WHAT?

Had an abortion, that’s what.

And you know what?  I applaud her for being so candid about it.  If you read through the article I linked up there, she’s very up-front about it.  And why shouldn’t she be?  She’s equally upfront about having sex with 19 year olds and drinking obscene amounts of vodka.   Many people find those two activities just as obscene as making the choice she was faced with at 16.

For those of you who are about to argue that 16 year olds shouldn’t even be having sex, let alone be making the choice to proceed with an abortion, let me say that 12 year olds have sex… whether or not you want them to.  Acting as an adult by being sexually active, she made an adult decision.  I am so, SO glad that that was an option available to her.  Plenty of people (including many I know) believe that this isn’t a choice that should be available to women, regardless of their current situation.

I can understand the feelings behind that.  It’s a very big, very emotional decision that I sincerely hope I never have to make.  And a lot of the time, a woman might regret her choice in this situation, regardless of which option she chooses.  I’m not saying that there is a correct choice to be made here.  But why take away an option?  What about situations where it is medically necessary to abort?

It’s heavy stuff, yes.  It’s not an easy choice to make.  I’ve had this conversation with my friends so, so many times, and for the most part, we all agree that while an abortion may not be the choice we make when standing in those shoes, we’re damn glad that it’s a choice we can make for ourselves.


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