Summer = Bliss

I can barely explain the many ways in which I love the summer.  As a born and bred Canadian, I certainly don’t mind the winters (though sometimes I wish that they would ease up a bit), but summer in Canada is something to live for.

In particular…

Days seem infinite right now.  Honestly, it’s 10pm right now and still fairly light out.  Amazing.

It has been waaaarm in Calgs lately.  So much better than -20.

In that vein, I have a tan.  A TAN!  Honeslty, whitest skin ever is officially no more.

Much more time for reading (for pleasure, that is)

Everyone is in a better mood these days, myself included.

Patio beers.  Yum!

Stampede starts Friday!

FREE tickets to the chuck wagon races!  If that don’t make a girl feel like a red neck, well dang, I don’t know what will!

Impending vacations


In other news, I highly recommend you get stumbleupon and waste multiple hours looking at random pieces of the Internet.  Awesome.


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