Travelling, etc…

I am going hoooooooooome!  It’s hard to believe that it’s already August and time for vacation.  Work was a bit stressful last week, and I’m happy to be heading out of town for a while to destress a bit before school starts up again.


That being said, things have not been all sunshines and rainbows today.  My flight was cancelled for this afternoon, and honestly, I’m a bit disappointed.  I had planned on getting into town around 8, and had made some plans with family for a girls night/sleepover, but due to circumstances outside of my (and West Jet’s) control, that won’t be happening.  You know when something unexpected happens and your whole day is thrown off?  That’s me.  I feel out of sorts, a bit confused and permanently frustrated.  I have to say though, West Jet has been nothing but courteous and apologetic to me all day, even sending me a private message on twitter explaining the circumstances.  That being said, it would have been nice to get out of Calgary earlier than 6:30! This is the first semi-negative experience I’ve had with these guys, and I think they handled it very well.  Big pat on the back to them.  Although I did cry out of frustration after the girl rebooked my flight for me.  I’m a crybaby sometimes.

In other news… actually there isn’t much other news to report on atm.  Just excited to finish off the summer so I can go back to school for (hopefully) the last time(!!!!). I’m a little nervous about being finished, but I think that overall it’s been a good run and I’ll appreciate being finished more than I realize.  One huge downfall?  No annual stationery shopping anymore!  Although I suppose I could always just go and buy more every September just because?  If that logic works for shoes I suppose it could for pens!


If I had a camera, I would show you pictures of my adventures of the next 2 weeks, but alas, no such luck.  Maybe I’ll throw you a crappy iphone picture or 2?


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