Well, that was interesting…

I’ve determined that my fear of needles is completely and totally irrational.  I had the pleasure of having my wisdom teeth out this morning, and while I wasn’t even a little bit worried about the surgery or the aftermath (both of which, as far as I can tell, are fine), but lordy, I was flipping shit about the friggen IV.  Just talking with the nurse before the evil man with the needle came in made me a little weepy, and as soon as this guy hit the floor, I was full on losing it.  Just sobbing in a dentist chair.  It wasn’t pretty, and I think I scared off the dental student.  Did you know, the doctor actually had to ask me to stop moving?  I was shaking and crying and generally acting like a child.  And then as soon as the IV was in, no more tears, just laughing.  And then I passed out.


Anyway, just thought you might like to have a laugh at my expense.  Since I won’t be eating solid food for at least another day (but thank you, Grandma, for dropping off a strawberry milkshake while I was napping.  Best!), here’s some interesting recipes I’ve come across that I plan on trying when I get back to Calgary and can eat real foods again.  As I’m typing this, my brother is torturing me by eating chips and onion dip on the other couch.  Only one of my favourite treats ever. Grrrr.

I love oatmeal.  And I love blueberies,.  Together? Perfection.  (Actually, I could probably eat this soon.  Maybe?)

Another one of my favourite foods? Pizza. I don’t care if this is supposed to be for kids, it sounds awesome.

Orrr I could probably do a potato.  Either this or this would do!

Chicken and Dumplings: soul food perfection.  Kinda can’t wait for it to be cool enough for this.


And for a change of pace, a couple projects I want to try:

Who doesn’t need more bracelets?

I need to learn to crochet, but headbands are awesome.




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