A few favourites + a picture

So first things first…

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing my face after having my wisdom teeth removed… hoo boy.  I had several people stop and ask me, very concerned, whether I had had my wisdom teeth out.  While I appreciate their concern that someone might have been beating the crap out of me (it only got worse after this!), what would they have done if I had said no?! Keeping in mind, these are complete strangers asking me this.


Anyway, it’s been quite the experience, this whole wisdom teeth ordeal.  I’m mostly back to normal now, there’s a tiny shadow of a bruise on my right cheek, but otherwise it’s all good.  No more swelling, stitches, or mushy food for me!


On to the good stuff:

50 Classics You Need in Your Closet… in checklist form, no less! My inner Virgo rejoices.

I hate being touched while sleeping, but I’m happy to see these otters don’t mind!

I wish I could sew half as well as Katy, but I think I could probably handle this project.  So cute!

Love scarfs, can’t wait for fall, planning on employing this one quite soon… you too? Perfect.

I just discovered her today. B-e-a-utiful!

Hope your Sunday is wonderful :)


ps: I’ve been watching Dirty Dancing while writing this… best. EVER.  Just sayin’



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