Greased Lightning!

Please excuse my very, very extended absence.  School is absolutely consuming my life right now.  Honestly, why else would I be home alone, watching Grease, on a Saturday night around Halloween?? Six classes would be bad enough if one of them wasn’t as much work as three… oi vey.  For real, some days I feel like just ignoring the world and getting daytime drunk at home.  Stress does some very strange things to an otherwise sane person such as myself. (Mom, don’t worry, I haven’t actually gotten daytime drunk alone. Yet.) I realized the other day, belatedly, that I’ll be the proud owner of a degree in about six weeks.  My last exam of my undergrad (assuming I pass!) is on December 20, 2011.

It has been such a long and interesting road to this point. I’ve gained so many meaningful friendships in my time at university, had so many amazing discussions, and pushed myself to the limit more times than I care to admit to.  There’s been a few tearful phone conversations, just a few shots of tequila (a girl needs to get through the day somehow!), some nights that I wish I could remember, and a few it would be best to forget.  I’ve written so many reports, given presentations, met with groups at some strange hours of the day, had more than one group meeting in the bar with a pitcher or two (the BEST kind of meetings, in my opinion!), and wished to the Lord above that lightning would strike the university so I could have just a few more hours to work on assignments.

What I’m trying to say here is, I’m going to miss this.  Nothing can beat the student lifestyle (afternoon naps, no class until 11, coffee dates with friends, etc.) It’s so strange to be so close to leaving this part of my life behind! I met Boyfriend at school, I met some of my very best friends there… It’s just a lot to process.

Please excuse the previous emotional outburst.  Just needed to get it all off my chest!

Otherwise, it’s business as usual around here: school, work, home, gym occasionally, repeat!  But here’s a few links for you, just in case I bummed you out a bit too much.

Ran across this beaut the other day: 100 workout songs for your iPod.  Our tastes are eerily similar…

I LOVE spice and I LOVE cream cheese. Yes, please.

Disclosure: Boyfriend is a surprisingly picky eater.  I think I could make these ones, and broccoli, a new fave.  Dare me to try?

You know when you walk past those cinnamon bun places in the mall and it takes all your reserves not to stop?  Try this.

The Dalai Lama is one smart dude, hence, 18Rules for Living

If you’re like me and tend to dress like a slob/hobo, maybe we can make a pact and dress like chic French ladies?

No thanks to using panties as a headband.  Yes please to these instead!

My inner bookworm/nerd rejoices at the sight of so. many. libraries.  This (and shoes) are my goal in life.

Since October is ending (October being Breast Cancer Awareness month), here’s 15 things you should know about your tatas.

Closet Visit: Voyeurism at its finest!

That’s all for now. I’ll try not to be such an absentee blogger, but no promises until January!


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