What is wrong with Mother Nature?!

For real.  It is beyond freezing in Calgary these days:

Seriously, not leaving my house.

Feels Like: -36.  As in, don’t leave your house without your robber mask on or you will come home without a nose.  And it was colder than this yesterday!  Our furnace broke on Monday (awesome timing) and is thankfully fixed now, but I still get a feeling of impending doom.  The only thing making me feel better is knowing what is coming just in time for the weekend.

See?! This is why living in Calgary can be worth it.

Although it is terrifying that there’s a 23 degree difference between the forecasted low and high for Saturday.  All the same, I’m hitting up the river pathways for a walk.  It’s boring enough being unemployed without also being trapped in your home for fear of losing appendages.


Oh right! Being unemployed.  Something I’ve dreamed about while working pointless jobs that I desperately wanted to quit. You know what I’ve done so far today? I made an egg for breakfast and applied for a job.  That’s it.  Well, I showered, but that’s more as a favour to those I live with than anything else. For real, not having a job is awesome (because I don’t have to wake up early, do anything I don’t want to, can sit on my ass and play Tetris all day, etc.) and really really crappy (I’m not making any money and you can only play so many rounds of Tetris before it invades your dreams).  So, if you or anyone you know would like to hire a fantastically talented and sarcastic new grad, drop me a line! I promise, I work for cheap and I’m not as lazy as I make myself sound.

I do have big plans for my afternoon (which started over an hour ago… whoops.)

First, I’m going to clean up my monstrously messy room.  Honestly, there are so many things on the floor that there could be a family of five hiding in there and I wouldn’t know.  Then, I’m going to clean the rest of the house, because I live with a bunch of feral boys who like to leave beer cans everywhere.  Case in point:

I think the dying plants and beer cans really add to my work environment, don't you?

So charming. Anyway, when I get my shit together, I’ve got a lemon bar recipe to share.  It was fantastic.



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