Bing, Bang, Boom.

Guess who’s officially joining the adult world?

Guess who’s also terrified that this means no more afternoon naps?


Oh, oh yes. This lady.  I actually found a job that will pay me real money for managing to finish my degree without having a mental break.  And I am really excited about it (with the exception of no time for afternoon naps.  That’s a big fat bummer.) My first day is March 5 and I have been using this as the excuse of a lifetime to go shopping for things I never knew I needed.  Like a blue pencil skirt.  Did you know that a blue pencil skirt is a surprisingly versatile item? It goes with my navy blazer, which has been a beyotch to try to match.  Navy is worse than black; no two shades are the same.  Even in the same bloody store.

But I digress. Other than the job, which doesn’t start for another two weeks, it’s business as usual around here. I went for a run…

Just hanging out with Belushi. Pretty sure he would be purple after running too...

Which was actually a lot more like a slow trot, but hey, I left the house and came back looking like that.  Which means I was doing something, right?

I also ate some veggies:

My salad may have been more feta than veggies, but it still counts!

And hung out with some monkeys.

I love my mini-me. And she looooves the camera.

Please note that this is not actually my child, but my cousin.  It’s bad enough that she looks like me, I don’t need people thinking that the reason I’ve been so quiet lately is because I’ve been birthing children in the off-season.

And a few more, just for kicks:

In Edworthy Park, Calgary

Oh this man, he makes my heart race...

Hot, hot bath + red wine + magazines = bliss

And finally, a new haircut. Lost about 3 inches!


That’s it for now!  Maybe one day I’ll get off the couch and do some baking? Motivation to cook has been absent lately!


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