Shopping Ban: Yet Another Way to Torture Myself

I’m going to do it.  I just decided, after reading several posts and entire blogs about other fabulous ladies doing so, that I’m quitting shopping for a bit.  I think I probably have more than enough clothes at this point, and really, my bank account needs a break after the constant drain of being unemployed for 3-ish months.

It’s really tough to decide on a time frame though.  I want to be able to make a serious financial impact, but I don’t want to go straight through the summer without at least getting a chance to pick up a few new things. At the same time, though… I have a tonne of clothes.  Even AFTER getting rid of more than half of them.   It’s also really hard to draw the line on what’s included and what’s not in this ban.  Do I just not buy a single thing other than groceries for the next 6 months?  Or can I just not buy new clothes and shoes?  Or do you go somewhere in the middle, where you just buy things to replace the stuff that’s worn out?  So many questions.

Because, you know, I really needed all that crap.

I’ve cleaned up considerably since then, but you get the point.  I live in a land of excess and I certainly do not need to add to this chaos.

All right.  So I think that, for the sake of being able to get rolling on this as soon as possible, here’s my plan:

1. I can’t buy new clothes, shoes, or purses.  There are two exceptions to this:  I need a pair of either black or brown flats for work, and I promised myself a nice leather purse when I’ve gotten a few paydays under my belt. I also can’t buy new magazines or books, or unnecessary toiletries (makeup, body lotion, etc).  If I run out of something, I can replace it, but that’s it.  Because my nail polish collection is running wild.

2. I can buy accessories (mostly jewelry), as long as I’m not spending more than $50/month.

3. This challenge is starting March 1st, and will last until May 31st.

4. Gifts don’t count.  Which is handy for Boyfriend, because his birthday is smack in the middle of all that.

5. Unnecessary food is on the chopping block too.  One meal out a week, unless someone else is feeling generous.

I know I’ll be signing up for a gym membership soon, as well as getting a library card, but otherwise, I don’t have a lot of extra stuff to pay for right now.  Thank god. That list is going to be a bitch.

So what do you think?  I think this is going to be rough.


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