Just a little satisfaction

So, I kind of bought the things on my exception list.  Kind of.  I definitely bought shoes:

Aldo makes leather shoes?!

Black, real leather (!), and pointy toes.  Check, check and check. My feet will be very happy.

And I kind of bought a new bag.  By this I mean that I bought a bag, but it’s not a nice leather one like I promised myself.  I figured that can wait until June, so I have some time to do a little research about which one I want first.   Anyway, this one was only $30 at H&M, and is large enough to hold everything under the sun that I plan on hauling with me to work next week: lunch bag (usually a small bag from Lulu, because there’s a million of them in the house despite the fact that I own less than 10 items from there), e-reader, wallet, sunglasses, keys, 18 different kinds of lip balm/gloss/stick because there can never be too many and this is why I’m on a shopping ban, some lotion, a change of clothes, and perhaps a stray cat, should it happen to cross my path. Just kidding about the cat, very serious about the selection of lip adornments.

Oh, and unless I suddenly become a wanton woman, the best we’re doing for a change of clothes is actually a spare pair of shoes. Because heels + walking 11 blocks to the bus = blisters galore.


At any rate, I have a few goals for the next three months.  I really, really, really want to pay of my credit card.  The balance isn’t obscene, so I think that this is pretty realistic.  I would also like to beef up my savings account to a semi-reasonable level, and get a little moving fund together.  You see, Boyfriend and I are FINALLY getting our own place, without roommates, June 1st, and I would like to have a few month’s rent ready to go, as well as a little nest egg for decorating.  My only directive from el hombre so far are “Please don’t make me live in a girly apartment. Please.” Uh, hello… the whole place is going to be pink, purple, glitter and diamonds.  Obviously.  And since diamonds and glitter aren’t cheap, I need to start saving!

So, pretty much this.

Ahem.  Hope he likes gardening!


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