Bits and Bobs

I realized today that I’ve had this blog for more than a year.  Why it took me to now to realize that I will never, ever know.  (Blog-versary is December 7, in case you need to know to send me a present this year.)

I also realized today that I like kale!  That was an interesting revelation. I made some for dinner last night, and I think that the bacon I put in it probably has a lot more to do with my newfound love than anything else.  Of course, I also refused to eat meat for several years as a child, so maybe I’ll like it on its own as well?  Hoping for a yes, and next time I’m going to try kale chips.  It’s a good thing Boyfriend does’t read this or he would probably make me move out for threatening to make kale again (he didn’t like it, bacon or not).


To break away from my incessant chatter about food for a moment, today marks day one of the shopping ban.  I hadn’t really thought this was going to be all that challenging, to be honest; I don’t shop that much to begin with, and I’ve usually got decent self-control.  But then I remembered that this also means no stops to grab coffee, no new magazines, no random lip glosses magically making their way into my greedy little hands… and I felt a little sad.  It’s Roll up the Rim time! What have I done?!

Work starts on Monday, finally, and I’ve been thinking about compiling an outfit list to make the ridiculously early mornings earlier.  Does anyone do this?  I feel like it might hamper my creativity in the moment, but to be honest, I wear basically the same thing every day anyway.  I’m getting nervous about losing nap time as well.  And obviously, I’m just nervous to start a new job where I’m still not sure what’s expected of me.  I’m just stuck in a glass cage of emotion, I tell ya.

Oh, and in case you’ve ever wondered what I looked like at 15 with science goggles on?  I’ve got you covered:

I clearly had far too much fun in high school.


PS: welcome to any new readers!  And much love to the charming ladies that responded to my emails today about the new Blogroll!


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