Days like this

I have been having an awful lot of days where I just feel blah.  Fat.  Lumpy.  Gross.  Uncomfortable.  Unattractive. And just generally awful.

I know all of this is completely in my head.  No doubt, I could stand to be more fit (huffing and puffing while trying to talk on the phone and walk is a bad sign, yo), but honestly, there’s nothing wrong with my body.  It does amazing things for me on a regular basis and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.  I’ve never had to deal with a major illness or injury, and everything works the way it should when I ask it to.

So, because I’ve been sippin’ on the haterade just a little too much lately, here’s what I think is fabulous about my body:

My legs.  They’re strong enough to get me through an entire soccer match on the field.  They might not always move as fast as I want them to, and they may not be as slim as I wish, but damn, they carry me everywhere, every day.

My boobs.  Trust me, I go back and forth about these all the time.  They’re huge… but I like that about them.  Granted, it would be nice if they were detachable for those times when I’d like to go to soccer without wearing a Ta-Ta Tamer AND a tight tank with a built in bra, just so I don’t get a black eye, but really, they bring the boys to the yard.  And, more importantly than that, they’re good for balancing out everything else.

My arms. I joke that I have chicken arms all the time, but they do have muscle.  I think.  They’re the easiest part of my body to tone up, and they look fabulous in a tank top.  And they help me to beat eggs, flip pancakes, hug my family and friends, carry groceries, and a myriad of other things.

My feet. Oh, feet.  I’ve put you through a lot of torture over the years, and I’m sorry to say this won’t be stopping any time soon.  They’re temperamental: they blister, bruise, swell and ache constantly. But you know what?  Without them, I couldn’t walk, run, skate, ski… I would not be the same person.  And I would have a whole lot of useless shoes in my room.

My head.  It’s home to my brain (which is so big, it makes my neck hurt… Oh Natalie Portman in No Strings Attached, I love you), and a lot of other really important thing.  I can see, hear, taste and smell.  And I can do all of those things without assistance or issue.  And you know what?  I think it looks nice.  My hair isn’t always perfect, nor is my skin.  But they’re beautiful in their own right.

My stomach.  Both the outer manifestation, and the actual organ.  Although I can’t remember the last time I had flat abs, it doesn’t matter.  It would be nice, yes, but I think I look pretty good most days.  My stomach is a bit bitchy, but it reminds me that I should be eating things that are tasty and good for me.  And you, other than some lactose issues, it pretty much does its job without complaint.  Which is  awesome.

So there you have it.  I’m sure I’ll need to look back at this sometime in the not so distant future, but for now, I’m feeling pretty good!


2 thoughts on “Days like this

  1. Pretty sure this list just made my day! :)

    It’s hard to remember the things we like about our bodies when everything we hate is staring blatently at us, but I think you got it down pat.

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