Workin’ 9-5

Actually, 7:30 to 4:30.  But you get the point.

No one warns you that your first day of work is kind of like Christmas was when you were a kid: you’ll be too riled up to sleep properly, so getting up is not going to be your problem.  And neither is staying awake all day.  The problem comes a couple days later when you’re getting up at 5:30am for the third day in a row.  And when you’re fighting falling asleep with your mouth open at 8pm.  Oh, working life, you’re just so full of joy.

The new job is good, although doesn’t seem too difficult yet.  I’m cautious to say that it will remain this was as I have a feeling that the first week isn’t very representative of how the rest of my life will go, you know?  But everyone seems nice, and I do have a sick view of the mountains.  And an office.  So pretty much, this job can’t be all that bad.

Also not what I imagined?  This spending ban business.  I haven’t really been doing all that well… I bought lunch yesterday and coffee yesterday after an unfortunate incident that left me too frustrated to deal with pretty much anything.  And I bought soup today to go with my sandwich because a co-worker asked if I wanted to come with him to get food.  When you’re new, you don’t turn down social outings.  You just don’t.  The other problem is that my new office is in an area where shopping is very accessible.  Like, my favourite shoe store is 2 blocks away.  And there’s an Italian market a few blocks the other way.  And the mall is a 10 minute walk.  Seriously, it’s going to be wonderful come June, but for now, it’s like placing a bag of cocaine in front of an addict and telling them not to have any.  So. Hard. 

Other than the food, and the tea that I had after work with a friend, I haven’t been doing too bad.  I just think I need to plan ahead a bit more and stock the cupboards with more work-friendly food options so that I’m less tempted to go looking for any outside of the office.  Clothing and such isn’t as big a challenge for me… I even managed to leave my grubby hands off the newest issue of Glamour.  It”s just really difficult to find something to do for an hour when eating takes all of 15 minutes.

Oh, and I have more kale in the fridge to play with.  And I went to the gym this week.  Winning all around.

Going to go pass out now.  Sitting in a desk all day takes a surprising amount of energy!


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