The Inaugural Outfit (Post)!

Yes, this is a mirror selfie with my iPhone.  And yes, it was at the gym.  But I just had to take a picture of the outfit I wore to work today. Oh, and don’t worry, the locker room was nearly empty (at 5pm… where was everyone?!) and that’s all my crap in the background.

Shoes, Nine West; Skirt, Forever21; Shirt, Jacob; Sweater, Forever21

So it’s not really a perfect outfit, but I was kinda digging it.  The skirt is borderline too short for work, and at least a size too big, especially when I don’t belt it.  But I love wearing sequins during the daytime, and I think they’re probably this outfit’s saving grace.

I had different shoes on for most of the day, and I think I liked them better.  They’re burgundy-ish Oxfords and I felt like they made the whole thing a bit more “fashion”-y. At any rate, I just felt good about this outfit.  I like being able to dress a bit more adventurously for work without going over the top; if there was anything other than neutrals going on it would definitely be too much.  Oh, and of course, since everything was nice and loose, it made me feel slinky and teeny-weeny.  Which is a nice change from feeling whale-esque.

While we’re talking about fashion and how I feel about my body, I could write a whole series as an ode to Wunder Under crops.  I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror wearing them the other day and I had a booty.  Me, a booty!  Never in my life have I had anything even remotely resembling an ass, not even now, and I am fully willing to admit that this is as much as I have ever weighed. But daaaamn, there it was.  And it looked nice.  (The old dudes were diggin’ it too, I could tell.)

In other news, I made it through my first workout of week 2 of Couchto5K without dying.  And then I followed up that success by nearly falling down the stairs at the Y. Lunges+squats+sumo squats+running=Jell-o legs.  File that away as good advice for a later date, folks.



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