Finding Motivation

I’ve been really slipping on a lot of things lately.  I just spent about $500 at Costco (and yes, I did need those 6 bottles of wine, thankyouverymuch), and I bought lunch twice this week.  It’s a freaking miracle that new shoes haven’t found their way into my closet yet.

I’ve also been finding it difficult to find the right kind of inspiration for getting fit.  There’s a million pictures on Tumblr and such of itty-bitty women… who are also clearly presidents of the itty-bitty-titty-committee.  That’s beautiful if that’s what you are naturally built like, but I’m really not.  Unless I went through some surgical transformations, there is no way I could ever join that club.

Of course, there’s also pictures of scary-ripped ladies.  This just doesn’t seem appealing to me… why would I want a six-pack?  If I ate anything at all, I would feel like I immediately needed to go do some crunches so I didn’t kill all my hard work with a cheeseburger.  I want to be fit, and more than that healthy, and I think that health is just as much about your mental state as your physical well being.  You know?

My motivation to eat properly is being overrun by my need to eat everything with salt in it.  This has resulted in some serious tummy bloat and discomfort.  And looking super weird in all my clothes, despite how much running and lunging I get in.  Pretty much I just feel very frustrated about everything right now.

Taking suggestions on how to get my ass in gear!


One thought on “Finding Motivation

  1. I like to set weekly goals not daily goals like, I will run 15 miles this week or exercise 4 times this week, etc. That way, if you skip a day you don’t feel like you failed yourself because you still have the whole week to get back on track and there is so much more flexibility in your schedule.

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