And I Slept

Oh heyyyyy there.  It’s me, absentee-blogger extraordinaire.  Have I been busy?  Well… no.  But we can pretend if it makes you feel better. Let’s recap what exactly I’ve been up to during my extended blogging vacation.

1. Working.  As in, definitely not on real vacation.  If only!

2.  The flu.  That sucked.

3.  The flu, again.  Seriously.  Two weekends in a row.  I didn’t even know what to say the second time.  I tried to fool it by going on with life, and predictably. that made it mega worse.

4.  Running.  KIDDING!  I haven’t done shit all for two weeks and I’m heading back to the gym tomorrow.  I’m still on week three of this couch to 5k program, and while I’ll definitely say that it’s working and I’m finally seeing results (as in, flatter tummy.  Hurray!), it’s tough yo.

5.  Not buying clothes.  Somehow, by some miracle, I’ve avoided buying any new clothes or shoes.  I caved and bought a teeny little purse that I’m going to call an accessory, because I was having a totally shit day and needed retail therapy in a bad way.  This is a judgement-free zone.

6. Movies! I saw the Hunger Games, and while it was pretty much everything I could have hoped for, I have one major issue.  Isn’t Peeta supposed to be… not tiny?  WTF is with that casting.  I think Liam Hemsworth as Gale is fine, but really, when you’re casting for a role like Peeta, please don’t pick a guy who may or may not be in the average height range for a 12 year old.  And may or may not have a foot fetish (read In Style if you’re confused by this). Seriously?

His head is smaller than hers.  I rest my case.

I also went to see 21 Jump Street… and it was surprisingly hilarious.  I totally thought this was going to be one of those Adam Sandler-type movies that tries so very hard to be funny, but is just awkward.  Maybe it’s because I live with dudes, but I laughed out loud the entire movie. And, um… Channing Tatum is delicious.

Overall it has been a pretty boring period of time in which you’ve missed next to nothing.  I’m seriously considering pulling the spending ban back to only 2 months, mostly because it’s absolute torture right now.  I’m pretty sure that in a few weeks, if spring ever arrives in Calgary, I’m going to have nothing to wear.  And I need to shop for a grad dress.  And I really, really want to buy new shoes.

Self control = zero


Ps:  Read The Virgin Cure by Ami McKay.  Sooooo goooooood.


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