*and I accidentally wrote wine first instead of win.  You know where my brain is at today.

I had a huuuuuge life win today.  But before I tell you about that, I have some bad news: I went shopping.  I didn’t go crazy, but man, it felt good.  I’m justifying this by saying that my spending ban was self-imposed, and I feel like it accomplished what it needed to – it made me more aware of where I’m spending all my money, and allowed me to build up my savings account to a more comfortable level.  And honestly, I spent less than $200, over $100 of which went to a new coat to replace my raincoat that died earlier this week in a freak snowball fight with God.

Looking on the bright side, I believe that my renewed mental state may have been the basis of my longest stretch of straight running to date!  Which was a sad-sounding 5 minutes, but boy, let me tell you, I felt like a badass.  I also felt like a tomato when I was done.

Writing that number down feels a little embarassing to me.  I don’t feel unfit most days, but I’m obviously not in peak physical form.  I can play an entire game of soccer without issue, but running just for the sake of running has always been a serious challenge for me.  I don’t enjoy it, which I think is probably part of my problem, and I don’t do it well, which is the other half.  I just wish that I wasn’t friends with a bunch of running fiends, because it would make me feel better about my progress.  I’m still proud of that 5 minutes, but I felt totally wiped afterwards, and can tell you that when I have to do this same run again on Tuesday, I’ll be cringing when it comes to the 5 minute segment.

But when I’m done that 5 minute segment?  I know what I’ll be feeling: frickin’ awesome.  It is incredible to me that some day, not that long from now, I’ll be able to run more than 5 times that 5 minute segment from today.  I’m really looking forward to it!

What’s your most recent accomplishment?  I’m feeling pumped right now, so please share :)




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