So sorry for the totally unplanned extended absence.  My laptop charger died and I just managed to snag a replacement for it today.  But we’re back in business, folks!

Downtown Cowtown from my office :)

I’ve been spending my time alternating between feeling like a hot piece of ass and a beached baby whale.  I finally weighed myself after a long time last weekend, and noticed that I’ve managed to lose around 5 pounds.  I’ve also managed to run a bit longer and faster than before, but not enough to really brag about.  It’s mostly been an uneventful couple of weeks that aren’t worth expanding on.

Something that I think IS worth talking about, though, is treating yourself.  I’m terrible for using food as a reward on a near-daily basis.  A lot of the time, it’s not an all-out piggy wonderland, but it’s definitely something that I need to cut back on.  I just looooooove food.

Loving food and loving my body are often turning into mutually exclusive events.  Many of my favourite things are terrible for me: fried, dairy-laden, sugar-coated… You get the picture.  The dairy thing is becoming an especially pressing issue, because on top of often being a huge fat bomb, it makes me sick.  Not sick enough to stop (clearly), but definitely uncomfortable.  So hold me accountable to this next bit:  I will stop using food as a way of rewarding/comforting myself.  This doesn’t mean that I’m not going to eat ice cream ever again; it also doesn’t mean that there aren’t going to be days when I just need some fries, dammit.  But I’ll be making much more of an effort to keep my diet clean.

I put those thoughts into action today by treating myself to a mani/pedi instead of taking myself out for lunch.  Nice nails last a lot longer than lunch anyway :)



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