House Hunter

It’s that time of year again – moving time.  Yes, I move about once a year.  I don’t like it, but that’s just how it’s worked out so far.  I would love to not move constantly.  I would especially love to not have to pack my life into boxes, then unpack those boxes in another place that I’m only so-so about.

Boyfriend and I are currently on the hunt for our next place.  As we’re in the process of doing this though, I’ve realized something: we have no furniture.  Not strictly true, but we’re missing a couch, which is pretty key.  We’re major couch bunnies.  So, in the spirit of my lost dream of becoming an interior designer (yes, really), here’s a few things I wouldn’t mind parking myself on for the weekend.

Ikea EKTORP Sofa with Svanby green cover, $599

Ikea is wonderful for things that you’re not expecting to hold onto for a long time.  This one seems like it would be cushiony enough to watch a Star Wars marathon on comfortably.

Preston Graphite sofa, The Brick $699.97

Oh baby, I love me anything grey.  It’s like a disease.  This one is a bit less overstuffed, but the cushions still seem like they’d hold up to some snuggle time.

Thomasville San Lorenzo sofa, pricing in stores

But only because it reminds me of the Little Mermaid.  Don’t ask.


La-Z Boy Zoe sofa in Deep Sea

I don’t know what makes me love this so much.  But I do.  Brooke Shields wasn’t kidding, guys.  That definitely looks nothing like this beast:

La-Z Boy Amity recliner

Although I suppose it’s not that bad, if it’s comfortable.


In case you were wondering, I think we’re getting closer to having this whole new house thing locked down.  I’ll keep you posted!

PS: Mom, if you have any furniture you don’t need… you know where to send it.


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