So sorry, Canada Revenue Agency

… but not really.  I’m kind of sorry you’re not making any money off of me.  I’m also sorry that I’m only just working on taxes now.  I blame previous employers for not sending me my tax stuff despite several phone calls.

This is about as good of a segue into financial health as I can come up with today.  I am a little sorry about that.

I know that budgeting and all that jazz isn’t a very exciting topic, so I wouldn’t blame you if you stopped reading right now.  But I have come to believe that it’s just as important as physical and mental health.  After all, it’s really hard to live a relatively stress-free life when you have no money to pay your bills.  And trust me, I know exactly how that feels.  In fact, I believe that was about 3 years of my life.  And it SUCKED.  It sucked HARD.

I always felt stressed about my bank account.  I cried more than once about how I was supposed to pay my tuition, eat, and have a roof over my head.  Thankfully I didn’t have too many stress-related issues otherwise.  I was employed, and I was trying my hardest.  Or at least, I thought I was.

Until I actually made a budget.  Once I did that I realized just how far off I thought I was.  When you make $9/hr and eat like I do… budgets are really scary.  So I ignored it. And that was kind of a mistake.

Thankfully, I make a bit more than $9/hour now.  I no longer have nightmares about my bank account balance.  But I am in the midst of trying to pay off my student loans in a reasonable time frame (thankfully, mine aren’t as bad as JG’s!).  I’m also trying to pay off my credit card and save up for a car.  And retirement.  So you can probably see why it’s important to budget for all that!  I finally took ownership of my finances and can happily say that all five figures of my student loans will be paid off within five years.  I’m also planning on buying a car within the next two years (fingers crossed!).  And you know what?  I still have enough left over to eat like the little piggy that I am.

It is so, so rewarding paying your bills like a grownup.  Or is that just me?


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