So I’ve got an embarrassing moment to share.  Most days, when Boyfriend isn’t home, I shower with the door open.  I’m just a wimp – I seriously can’t handle the thought of an axe murderer flinging open the door while I’m mid-leg shave to hack me to pieces.  I mean, how totally humiliating would it be to get hacked in the nude?  Not cool.  Not that I think I could do anything to prevent it… but I would like my family to at least have the peace of mind to know I was trying to put a towel on to meet my maker. ahem.

So I was in the shower tonight, door wide open, and heard a bang.  Note that the new place is only new to us, so it’s got some noises that I’m sure sound normal to people who have lived here longer than two weeks.  Guys, I freaked the hell out. And stayed in the shower… trying to shave my legs faster, rinse my hair quicker, anything to get me the hell out of the tiled death trap that I was in.

Pretty much my face. (Source)

I’m sure you’ve already guessed, but there was no axe murderer in my house (I’m not that good a sweet talker, even in the nude).  It was my dishwasher turning on. Good  one, Sarah.  Very smooth.

Aside from that, it’s been a pretty normal week.  Whacked-out dreams about Hogwarts and all.  Fevers are awesome, I tell ya.  Cheaper than crack and virtually no side-effects!  I also just got locked out of Pinterest for a while because I’m too voracious a pinner.  Oops.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who would finish shaving her legs before checking for home intruders?


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