Sweaty Beast

Holy canolli, I had a hell of a workout today.  I did a quick 5.5 miles (20 minutes! Woohoo!) and then busted it out on the mats.  You guys, I couldn’t believe how awesome I felt today.  I was so proud of myself afterwards.  Hell, I was proud of myself before.  I got a glimpse of this hot mama in the mirror and was just so pleased with myself.

Despite that face, I did think I looked pretty awesome. Taking pictures of yourself is just super awkward.

These man-I-look-super-hot days are woefully few and far between.  I’ve been at a weight that I’m not very happy with for a while now and not doing much about it.  Lame excuses are my forte, folks. I’m looking at this picture now thinking that I’m becoming increasingly pear-shaped.  Why would I do that?? I was so proud of myself while I was taking that shot.

Note to self: stop hating on your body and eat more salads built for two. Like this guy:

As a reference for you, that’s a side plate that the sandwich is on. I will be dreaming about that sandwich tonight.

No more excuses, play workout like a champion!



3 thoughts on “Sweaty Beast

  1. Awkward or not if you take a picture of yourself smiling at yourself in the mirror it will feel better than when you make a face at yourself. Go back and take that picture again and smile this time!

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