We’re mourning the loss of the hockey season at our place.  It was looking pretty dire over here, until I realized that there are other sports.  Strange concept, I know, but apparently the NFL is pretty popular…

At any rate, since my Flames won’t be losing playing this season, I had to pick a new team.  And, like any clueless football fan, I decided to choose my team based on the best jersey colours/accessory potential.  Here was my criteria:

  • Is their primary jersey colour flattering on my skin tone?  Obviously, this disqualified the Bengals and the Browns.
  • How hated is this team? As in, no way am I cheering for the Steelers, Packers, or  Patriots.  Gross.
  • What accessories can I expect? This would put Green Bay back in the running (cheese hats are awesome), and dressing up like a mermaid might be appropriate for the Dolphins.
  • Geographically speaking, can I make a justification for cheering for this team?  Which leads me to my ultimate choice…

Photo from

The Minnesota Vikings!

I see a viking hat in my future.

Who do you cheer for?


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