Occasionally I do things while I’m not blogging that I cannot wait to tell everyone about. I had one of those moments on Saturday.

I ran a 5k!

I didn’t die!

I finished in less than 37 minutes!!!

On Saturday I ran the Halloween Howl, benefiting the Alberta Diabetes Foundation. It was a pretty relaxed race (read: no time chips), so I wasn’t really pushing myself to perform. I really just wanted to come in under 45 minutes… Safe to say, I beat my goal. I’m actually really surprised and pretty impressed with myself. I’ve had a cold for the past week and a bit, and I haven’t been training at all. This race was really inspiring for me – if I can finish in what I consider to be a decent time without putting in much effort, imagine how much better I could do if I actually tried?!

I’ve been wanting to go for a run ever since I finished the race. Unfortunately, Mother Nature hasn’t been working with me, because it’s snowed every day since then. There’s a heavy snowfall warning right now for Calgary. and we’re supposed to get up to 20cm by tomorrow night. So… yeah. Treadmill??

Other than finally finding a moment of not hating running, it’s been pretty much business as usual ’round these parts. I made kale chips tonight and they would probably be better if I hadn’t burnt them (but maybe not. It’s kale – a vegetable best suited to be eaten with copious amounts of bacon), and I roasted a butternut squash to eat with my lunches this week. Pretty much Martha F. Stewart over here.

So what the heck have y’all been up to? Any race plans coming up?


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