Hola, amigos!

September has been… interesting. I was laid off (yay? Please sense my sarcasm) and I’m still on the hunt. I’m still not really sure what I want to be when I grow up, other than it seems like it might be a bit late to become a ballerina – damn bone structure. Although maybe I can convince someone that they should really bring on a prima ballerina with little to no experience and significant room for improvement on the fitness front. I am pretty charming, after all, and I think I look pretty foxy in a leotard.

Rather than whine endlessly about how much it sucks to get laid off, let’s instead talk about the benefits!

  1. Sleeping in. You had to know this would be first on the list. I can stay in bed until whatever time I feel like, unless I have an appointment that I was silly enough to schedule for the morning. I’ve been trying my best to get out of the sack by 9 so that I can feel like a normal human but those pillows seem to have their own gravitational field some days.
  2. The gym is empty allllll day. I can go for like, 2 hours and there will be next to no-one in there. This is perfect. Not that I’ve been doing it every day but it’s been pretty sweet when I’ve been able to.
  3. I can actually go outside and enjoy the weather. Again, not that I do… I really should though. Why am I not outside right now??
  4. I can hang out with friends that work shift work. They can be hard to schedule with when you’re working 9-5, but when you’re both off on Thursday, you can totally hang. Because who else are you both going to talk to?

I’m sure there’s more, but I should probably send out a few more job applications. To date, no one has offered to pay me to write blog posts.


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