Occasionally I do things while I’m not blogging that I cannot wait to tell everyone about. I had one of those moments on Saturday.

I ran a 5k!

I didn’t die!

I finished in less than 37 minutes!!!

On Saturday I ran the Halloween Howl, benefiting the Alberta Diabetes Foundation. It was a pretty relaxed race (read: no time chips), so I wasn’t really pushing myself to perform. I really just wanted to come in under 45 minutes… Safe to say, I beat my goal. I’m actually really surprised and pretty impressed with myself. I’ve had a cold for the past week and a bit, and I haven’t been training at all. This race was really inspiring for me – if I can finish in what I consider to be a decent time without putting in much effort, imagine how much better I could do if I actually tried?!

I’ve been wanting to go for a run ever since I finished the race. Unfortunately, Mother Nature hasn’t been working with me, because it’s snowed every day since then. There’s a heavy snowfall warning right now for Calgary. and we’re supposed to get up to 20cm by tomorrow night. So… yeah. Treadmill??

Other than finally finding a moment of not hating running, it’s been pretty much business as usual ’round these parts. I made kale chips tonight and they would probably be better if I hadn’t burnt them (but maybe not. It’s kale – a vegetable best suited to be eaten with copious amounts of bacon), and I roasted a butternut squash to eat with my lunches this week. Pretty much Martha F. Stewart over here.

So what the heck have y’all been up to? Any race plans coming up?


Bucket List

What kind of person would I be if I didn’t have a list of things to do before I die?  I’m hoping that’s a long time off, but all the same, I’ll probably get cracking on this sooner than later.  Accomplishments rock, yo.

  1. Run a 10k.  I have no desire to run a half or full marathon.  I think a 10k is more than enough of a challenge for me, considering my past rants.
  2. Travel South America. I took a couple Spanish classes in university and a component of that was the culture and geography of those lovely countries down yonder.
  3. Own 365+ pairs of shoes.  I know I should probably want to save the world or something… but shoes make my heart go pitter-patter. I think it’s safe to say that I won’t be making much progress on this for the next few years.
  4. Get married. I just really want to have the full white dress fairytale.
  5. Own a house. With a yard, a pup, and a nice little vegetable garden. And I’ll plant herbs and bake bread and the sun will always shine.
  6. Write something meaningful. Not that I don’t think that it’s possible that someone, somewhere finds this blog to be one of the most amazing pieces of literature, but really… I’d like to actually write something. I don’t care if it never gets published, or if it is ever read by anyone else. I just want to write something that I feel proud of.
  7. Take my parents on a trip. Maybe not both at the same time (that might be a bit awkward), but after everything they’ve done for me, it’s kind of the least I can do for them.

As more things come to me, I’ll add to this. But do tell, what’s on your bucket list?


We’re mourning the loss of the hockey season at our place.  It was looking pretty dire over here, until I realized that there are other sports.  Strange concept, I know, but apparently the NFL is pretty popular…

At any rate, since my Flames won’t be losing playing this season, I had to pick a new team.  And, like any clueless football fan, I decided to choose my team based on the best jersey colours/accessory potential.  Here was my criteria:

  • Is their primary jersey colour flattering on my skin tone?  Obviously, this disqualified the Bengals and the Browns.
  • How hated is this team? As in, no way am I cheering for the Steelers, Packers, or  Patriots.  Gross.
  • What accessories can I expect? This would put Green Bay back in the running (cheese hats are awesome), and dressing up like a mermaid might be appropriate for the Dolphins.
  • Geographically speaking, can I make a justification for cheering for this team?  Which leads me to my ultimate choice…

Photo from

The Minnesota Vikings!

I see a viking hat in my future.

Who do you cheer for?


Well hello there!  Summer has been a tough one to drag myself away from, let me tell you.  It’s been a surprisingly glorious one around these parts and I’ve been trying to soak up every last ounce before the never-ending snow sets in again.

I have been doing a few things since we last chatted, but not many.  I’ve made it out of town a couple of times, which has been absolutely wonderful.  I don’t look like a naked mole rat any more, which, let me tell you, is nothing short of a miracle. I did a teeny bit of stampeding.  And I hung out with some gems.  So let’s let the pictures do the talking for now, yes?

July long weekend!

There is nothing better with which to celebrate the birth of your country than a margarita. Especially in the middle of the afternoon.

Oh, the cowboys. I love them so.

Honestly the best pizza I’ve ever made. Just let Lina’s make the dough… and the sauce… and I promise you can’t go wrong.

I always seem to be more excited than him. Unless there’s a motorcycle in view.

Some new fleurs for the deck. Despite my best efforts these are still alive! (Thank God for Boyfriend’s green thumb – the perfect antidote for my black one)

Lunchtime picnics in the park.

There’s no more houses next door. This definitely has not been the highlight of the summer, to say the least.

Canadian drinking team… why yes, that’s us!

Not nearly enough time spent with that gem, unfortunately. But she’s got mad style!

So, what have you been up to all summer?

Sweaty Beast

Holy canolli, I had a hell of a workout today.  I did a quick 5.5 miles (20 minutes! Woohoo!) and then busted it out on the mats.  You guys, I couldn’t believe how awesome I felt today.  I was so proud of myself afterwards.  Hell, I was proud of myself before.  I got a glimpse of this hot mama in the mirror and was just so pleased with myself.

Despite that face, I did think I looked pretty awesome. Taking pictures of yourself is just super awkward.

These man-I-look-super-hot days are woefully few and far between.  I’ve been at a weight that I’m not very happy with for a while now and not doing much about it.  Lame excuses are my forte, folks. I’m looking at this picture now thinking that I’m becoming increasingly pear-shaped.  Why would I do that?? I was so proud of myself while I was taking that shot.

Note to self: stop hating on your body and eat more salads built for two. Like this guy:

As a reference for you, that’s a side plate that the sandwich is on. I will be dreaming about that sandwich tonight.

No more excuses, play workout like a champion!



So I’ve got an embarrassing moment to share.  Most days, when Boyfriend isn’t home, I shower with the door open.  I’m just a wimp – I seriously can’t handle the thought of an axe murderer flinging open the door while I’m mid-leg shave to hack me to pieces.  I mean, how totally humiliating would it be to get hacked in the nude?  Not cool.  Not that I think I could do anything to prevent it… but I would like my family to at least have the peace of mind to know I was trying to put a towel on to meet my maker. ahem.

So I was in the shower tonight, door wide open, and heard a bang.  Note that the new place is only new to us, so it’s got some noises that I’m sure sound normal to people who have lived here longer than two weeks.  Guys, I freaked the hell out. And stayed in the shower… trying to shave my legs faster, rinse my hair quicker, anything to get me the hell out of the tiled death trap that I was in.

Pretty much my face. (Source)

I’m sure you’ve already guessed, but there was no axe murderer in my house (I’m not that good a sweet talker, even in the nude).  It was my dishwasher turning on. Good  one, Sarah.  Very smooth.

Aside from that, it’s been a pretty normal week.  Whacked-out dreams about Hogwarts and all.  Fevers are awesome, I tell ya.  Cheaper than crack and virtually no side-effects!  I also just got locked out of Pinterest for a while because I’m too voracious a pinner.  Oops.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who would finish shaving her legs before checking for home intruders?