All in Good Time

It’s amazing what some time and space can do for a gal.

I more or less gave up on blogging quite some time ago because there were just too many things happening in my life that I wasn’t comfortable with. I had plenty of things to be happy about, but I was also dealing with a number of sources of stress. Some of those have gone away, others haven’t, but overall I think it’s safe to say that I’m in a much better place now than I was then.

2014-08-01 18.54.15It feels good to be back. I feel like this is a homecoming of sorts – I enjoyed blogging. It’s a tiny piece of creativity in what is an otherwise largely mundane life (though I like it like that!) and it allows me to share with family, friends and complete strangers on the Internet. I’m still working on feeling centered and happy, so I hope you don’t mind my rambles. I missed you, I missed this, and I definitely missed plastering my corner of the web with selfies :)




Otherwise known as proof for your parents that you really did go to school for the past four years and yes, you did actually finish.

And yes, that is actually me.

It was so fantastic to have my family in town to celebrate with me.

I love that Miss Pea is giving the stink eye in that picture.  That child, I tell ya.

So you’ll have to excuse the lack of posts lately.  I’ve been busy doing adult things like graduation and moving in with my Boyfriend.

Nothing but class. If you were just thinking “Hm, are those porta-potties in the background”, you would be correct.

Oh, and a few of these:


I swear to you, when I’ve regained my ability to think straightly, you’ll be the first to know.  Right now, I’m just impressed that I’ve worn matching shoes to work every day for the past while.  Yeah, it’s been like that.